Commitment to FA equipment development

When developing FA equipment
we pursue a better operating rate.

The best FA equipment we can think of is FA equipment that benefits our customers.
Currently, many domestic and overseas production plants have introduced FA equipment.
There is a need for more accurate, more reliable and hygienic FA equipment.
Our mission is to solve the problems faced in the field and develop the FA equipment that is truly required.

For more detailed information
about our services, see below.

  • FA total service

    We do everything in-house, from proposals, design, production, assembly, installation and maintenance.

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  • Equipment and development system

    Our own factory and experienced development team will meet the customer's request and delivery date.

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  • Development results

    We have realized FA in various industries and processes. FA TOMS technology is utilized at home and abroad.

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  • FAQ

    We would like to introduce the questions that many customers have asked regarding the introduction of FA.

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